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4-2-1 Learning Model

CET has developed a unique and innovative 4:2:1 learning model.
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At CET we understand English language learners in the 21st Century are preparing for an increasingly globalised and connected world. You need to communicate with people from many different cultures, and in many different situations: social, work, university, online and offline. To help you with this, CET has developed the unique and innovative 4:2:1 learning model.


hours in class

Engage in an innovative learning experience:

  • Study with excellent teachers.
  • Develop interactive language skills.
  • Build collaborative skills.


hours personalised online learning

Join the CET online learning community:

  • Achieve your study goals using online modules.
  • Network with your peers through “CET Connect”.


hour engagement

Develop language skills outside the classroom:

  • Join CET’s co-curricular activities & earn rewards.
  • Increase confidence and communication skills.
  • Enjoy diverse social & cultural activities.
  • Make lifelong friends.