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CET Leaders Network: leadership program for international students

August 2017
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The CET Leaders Network is an initiative built by the Education Services team and coordinated by Jennifer Lang, CET’s Student Experience Officer.

The aim of the program is to provide an elite group of 15 students the opportunity to further their learning and develop their communication, leadership and project management skills through student event management and volunteering opportunities. Students in the CET Leaders Network are responsible for developing and delivering events and activities to other students which contribute to the CET community and the international student community.

Events commonly organised by the CET Leaders Network are walking tours around the city, badminton competition, scavenger hunts on campus and picnics in the park.

Additionally, the CET Leaders support CET’s existing initiatives such as students’ workshops, centre-wide events and student orientations. Jennifer Lang explains how “inspiring [it is] to see our CET Leaders develop their skills and confidence throughout the program and beyond. CET Leader Alumni have been nominated for the NSW International Student of the Year Award and employed as part of our CET concierge team.”

The CET Leaders Network is offered to engaged students as an added tool to develop their confidence and expertise in skills such as leadership, communication, project management and presentation amongst others. It gives them the opportunity to engage deeper with the University by learning first hand from the Volunteer Team of the University of Sydney Union (USU).

To coordinate the CET Leaders Network, Jennifer implemented executive roles within the program. The executive leaders are responsible for coordinating and communicating to other student leaders, strategising and planning student-led activities, carrying out projects, and being the first point of contact for CET staff. Roles include: Promotions Coordinator, Events Coordinator, Secretary and Photographer. These students are responsible for coordinating other student leaders and the completion of projects.

The CET Leaders Network is now in its fifth iteration and the Education Services team has just nominated the next round of CET Leaders (for the period August 2017-February 2018).


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