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Awards Ceremony: farewell to CET’s pathway students

July 2017
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The event, hosted by Robert Chasse, CET’s Education Manager Services, celebrated the hard work and achievements of international students, marking the end of their English course and their transition to University.

CET Awards Ceremonies happen twice a year and give students the opportunity to reflect on their small wins and big successes as well as look forward to their future life at University and the exciting challenges to come.

The celebration kicked off with a magnificent musical performance on the Organ of the Great Hall by Daniel Kaan, CET’s Database Developer, who played Toccata, a piece by Léon Boëllmann from his Suite Gothique (1895). After this spectacular performance, CET Director, Katherine Olston, took to the stage to congratulate 500+ students on finishing their pathway course and wishing them well for the beginning of their new life at University. Her speech was followed by an inspirational speech by CET Teacher and Course Coordinator, Brooke Donnelly, who reminded students that they have a choice, in being either proactive about their learning or being passive and overwhelmed by the many challenges they face. This resonated immensely with international students who often adapt a passive behaviour when it comes to learning and engaging with others.

Then, the Centre recognised the leadership skills and commitment of the CET Leaders Network, a group of 15 highly engaged students who delivered events and activities to other students and supported CET’s initiatives. CET also announced the winners of the Photography Competition which was focused on the most aesthetic Australian landscape pictures and saw the top three contestants winning a share of AUD$500. To finish the celebration, CET congratulated its highest engaged students by awarding them a certificate of recognition in the three following categories: best attendance in the Student Engagement Council (SEC), best engagement in the CET Student Engagement Program and best engagement with the University of Sydney Union’s Clubs & Societies.

As the icing on the cake, students were treated to a little farewell celebration with hundreds of pizzas being provided as a surprise lunch on the lawns in front of the Great Hall. It was a wonderful way of concluding CET’s Awards Ceremony and a perfect way to enjoy a beautiful winter day in Sydney!

See all pictures from the CET Awards Ceremony here: CET Facebook


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