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A mid-year snap shot of CET’s projects and initiatives

August 2017
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August couldn’t have come any quicker… With half of 2017 already gone, it is now time for the University of Sydney Centre for English Teaching to look back and reflect on what has happened in this first half of the year.

MOOC Specialization Launch:
After a year of hard and dedicated work, it was finally time to celebrate the launch of our MOOC Specialization, a series of five MOOCs on ‘Academic Skills for University Success’. This suite of online courses, available on the Coursera platform, is a resource for pre-undergraduate and undergraduates students aiming to help them prepare for university study and provides them with an introduction to the norms, expectations and values of academic culture (Brick, Herke & Wong, 2016).
Find out more: MOOC Specialization Launch

CET Stall at the University of Sydney O-Week:
To promote the launch of the MOOC Specialization, CET took to Eastern Avenue with an engaging and fun stall where students had to spin a MOOC-related Trivia-Wheel to win some custom MOOC and CET prizes. The stall was incredibly busy with university students and staff commending the value and design of the MOOC Specialization as well as the quality of the goodies!
Find out more: CET MOOC Specialization

CET Student Engagement Program:
Developed by the Education Services Team, the CET Student Engagement Program boosts and develops international student engagement outside of the classroom. The initiative is based on a gamified approach where students can earn points, unlock levels and earn rewards through engaging with their peers, the Centre and the wider University.
Find out more: CET Student Engagement Program

Photograph of Quadrangle

Launching ‘CET Connect’, the new international student engagement mobile app in Australia!
Following the implementation of the revolutionary CET Student Engagement Program, CET decided to push the limits further and bring a platform where student engagement will be brought directly to the students. CET Connect mobile app sits at the core of the student experience by connecting international students to the CET network, the wider University and its services. Functions include (but are not limited to): allowing students to access learning and support resources, monitor their engagement portfolio and points and connect with other CET students or specific departments of the Centre.
Find out more: CET Connect Mobile App

New students Orientations:
Since the beginning of 2017, the Centre for English Teaching has welcomed over 3100 students. In February, over 1800 university pathway students finished their English course at CET. In July, CET said farewell to 678 university pathway students. On 17th July, CET welcomed 464 new students to the centre.
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Customised Programs:
The Centre has been incredibly busy with Customised Programs over the past 6 months. The first Customised Programs season from January to March saw 14 programs (a total of 240 students) coming through our doors. Season 2 has just kicked off with Mahasarakham University (Thailand), City University of Hong Kong and Shanghai Jiaotong University in a variety of fully customised and hybrid programs. CET is expecting 21 programs (a total of 494 students) over the next few months.
Find out more: Customised Programs

CET providing Mental Health & Wellbeing Training to staff:
In order to assist distressed students and support students’ wellbeing, CET organised a Mental Health First Aid training for 15 staff members of the Centre, which completed the list of 25 CPR-trained staff members, 9 Emergency Wardens and 4 First Aiders. Josh Aarts, CET’s Education Services Officer was appointed as CET’s Wellbeing Champion. Champions are elected in each faculties or departments of the University and serve as a ‘go-to’ person in supporting staff and promoting health and wellness initiatives.

Photograph of Quadrangle

Awards Ceremonies:
With two Awards Ceremonies per year, one in February and one in July, CET has been busy making sure international students reached their required level of English and academic skills for their degree course at the University.
Find out more: Awards Ceremony

CET at Events and Conferences worldwide:
Staff and teachers have been busy endorsing CET’s initiatives around the globe by presenting research, projects and promoting the Centre during the past six months. Notifiable contributions are:

  • South-East Asia and South America Recruitment trips: Georgiana Toma, CET’s Business Development Manager, attended a Recruitment Trip in South-East Asia (Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan) and South America (Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile) – March-April
  • IDLTM (International Diploma in Language Teaching Management) Training: hosted at CET on behalf of ICTE (University of Queensland) – March
  • Coursera Conference: Katherine Olston, CET’s Director, presenting the MOOC Specialization at the University of Colorado – March-April
  • Saudi Arabia Recruitment Trip: Ward Lee, CET’s Deputy Director Operations, attended a Recruitment Trip in Saudi Arabia – April
  • ANZA (Australia New Zealand Agent) Conference: Justine Barker, CET’s Client Relations & International Projects Officer, represented CET in Cairns – April
  • NEAS Conference:
    - Katherine Olston presenting on the ‘MOOC Specialization’,
    - Robert Chasse, CET’s Education Manager Services presenting on the ‘CET Engagement Framework’,
    - Aparna Jacobs, CET’s Education Manager University Pathway presenting on ‘Women in Leadership’
  • UECA PD Fest hosted at the University of Sydney with many presentations from CET staff and teachers – May
  • ATEM SSCC (Student Service Centres Conference): Robert Chasse presented on the CET Student Engagement Program
  • NAFSA Conference & Expo: Georgiana Toma representing the Centre in Philadelphia – June
  • Learning Innovation Summit (SmartSparrow): Katherine Olston and Jessica Blackburn, CET’s MOOC Curriculum Designer attended the conference in Melbourne - July


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