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CET’s MOOC team wins a Vice-Chancellor’s Award for Excellence

August 2017
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The CET MOOC Team received an award for Outstanding Educational Engagement and Innovation during the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence, on Monday 14 August, in the MacLaurin Hall of the prestigious Quadrangle of the University of Sydney.

The CET MOOC team, comprised of Katherine Olston (CET’s Director), Jessica Blackburn (MOOC Curriculum Designer), Luke Alexandre (MOOC Curriculum Designer) and Lydia Dutcher (Education Manager Graduate Programs), was recognised as innovative educators and inspirational colleagues to the University academic staff for their continuous engagement and commitment in improving the student’s educational experience. “It was an honour to be recognized for a project we were so passionate about. The ceremony was inspiring and it was great to celebrate our achievements with the CET team”, says Jessica Blackburn, MOOC Curriculum Designer.

By focusing on key skills and values necessary for university success and future employment, the MOOC team was able to create a series of five MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) to provide an innovative online learning experience to students anywhere in the world at anytime. The courses develop students academic skills in the digital classroom and fully prepare them for the challenges and expectations of the academic culture at University.
To find out more on the "Academic Skills for University Success" MOOC Specialization, click here

The University of Sydney Vice-Chancellor’s Awards for Excellence is now in its second iteration. This initiative was created in 2016 to celebrate the outstanding achievements and contributions of the University’s staff, rewarding both professional and academic staff. This year, over 60 awards winners have been nominated across 13 categories and will share a prize pool of $108,000.00.


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