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Online English resources

CET and the University offer a number of free sites that will help improve your English and study skills.
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Below is a list of online learning websites suitable for English students. We suggest you begin with iResearch. Please explore some of these websites and bookmark those you find most useful.

We have highlighted some sites that may be more suitable for *INTERMEDIATE level English students.

Review online resources

General sites

News and public broadcasting services in English

Free dictionary sites

Academic English sites

Academic English listening practice sites

English language test sites

English pronunciation sites

Different varieties of English sites

Drama and TV series sites

Some useful online strategies

Some useful online strategies and tips to help improve your English


  • Open your own blog and keep your own *journal” online
  • Join a chat room
  • Join MySpace, Facebook, Second Life, etc


  • Use the Internet for digital radio, online forums etc.
  • Download English movies, watch TV shows on I-View
  • Watch Podcasts of lectures
  • Listen to English songs. Use Youtube and use the lyrics to follow the words


  • Use Skype, iChat