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2017 news

Research and news from the Charles Perkins Centre

From moving beyond the Body Mass Index to quality mental health apps, browse our research and news from the CPC.


14 December 2017

Planetary Health Platform launches at University of Sydney

Former New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark launches the world-first Planetary Health Platform at the University of Sydney.

08 December 2017

Children negatively impacted by early intervention restrictions

As the government extends its income management program, new research indicates the original rollout in the Northern Territory did not improve school attendance and birth outcomes, and had negative short-term effects.

06 December 2017

Creative writing fellowship addresses real world health challenges

Australian creative writers of renown are invited to apply for a generous University of Sydney fellowship which provides a grant of $100,000 and other benefits to begin work on a project exploring issues around health. 

02 December 2017

BABY1000 study to explore influence of our first 1000 days

Pregnant women and women planning a pregnancy are invited to take part in the BABY1000 study, exploring how our first 1000 days might influence our risk of developing obesity, diabetes and cardiovascular disease in later life. 

27 November 2017

Parental diet affects offspring immunity: meta-analysis

A multidisciplinary wide-ranging study has found a close relationship exists between parents' diets and the immunity of offspring, with implications for wildlife conservation and agriculture as well as human health.

23 November 2017

Oral health impact of sugar-sweetened beverages overlooked

New research on sugar-sweetened beverages reveals one in seven adolescents is drinking more than two cups a day, and is two to three times more likely to have oral health problems than those who don't drink the beverages.

21 November 2017

Pre-diabetes discovery marks step towards precision medicine

Identification of three molecules that can be used to accurately assess pre-diabetes - a key predictor of conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure - has brought precision medicine for humans a step closer.

13 November 2017

The new research that could transform diabetes treatment

In the lead-up to World Diabetes Day 2017, newly appointed Associate Professor Samantha Hocking is determined to challenge the one-size-fits-all approach to treatment.

08 November 2017

5 ways to deal with diabetes in women

University of Sydney researchers offer their expert advice on managing and preventing diabetes, leading up to World Diabetes Day 2017.

07 November 2017

New chair appointed for pioneering research into child health

A $5 million gift will help Professor Natasha Nassar uncover clues that could give babies a better start in life.