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Aboriginal nutrition

Improving the health and wellbeing of Australia’s first peoples

We aim to understand the substantial changes to dietary intake and participation in physical activity of Australia’s first peoples since colonisation. Our research informs education programs for local communities.

We hope that our research will have considerable social impact. Our vision includes contributions to projects already underway in the following areas:

  • establishing a health network for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander nutrition
  • developing education programs to address needs expressed by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities (diabetes management is a particular area of focus)
  • creating health-partnerships between government and communities
  • informing policy and influencing decision makers
  • driving and supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander health advocacy.

Our project team reviews literature on nutrition and food intake of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. This is the first systematic review of its kind, working to inform community education programs aimed at supporting healthy food intake in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

By identifying key articles on macronutrient intake, our project team has contributed substantially to the wider understanding of the differences in macronutrient intake between Australia’s Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people. 

Ultimately, our research aims to have the following impact:

  • healthier and happier communities
  • informed and engaged communities working toward the improved health of their members
  • better decisions made by government and policymakers
  • wider advocacy for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s health.

Internal collaborators

External collaborators

  • Dr Julie Brimblecombe, Menzies School of Health Research
  • Professor Amanda Lee, Queensland University of Technology
  • Dr Mark Lock, University of Newcastle
  • Professor Kerin O’Dea, University of South Australia
  • Professor Roger Smith, University of Newcastle
  • Ms Nicole Turner, University of Newcastle

Project Node Leader

Dr Josephine Gwynn
Dr Josephine Gwynn
"The Charles Perkins Centre has the profile to make a bigger impact through the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander steering committee and donations. People listen to the researchers here."
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