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Health and creativity

Reimagining how the creative arts can contribute to public health

We are challenging staff and students to create a new vibrancy to explore new approaches to society’s complex and chronic health problems.

Many patients who suffer from chronic health problems widely use art and music as therapy for their conditions. The natural creativity of these outlets makes them perfect ways to spread important messages in our community but there is little integrated research into how this works. Our transdisciplinary team examines how practising these creative activities is key to maintaining a healthy mind and body, especially our mental sharpness as we age. We also document new ways art and music can contribute to tackling complex public health issues.

Our project is a partnership between the Charles Perkins Centre and the Sydney College of the Arts, the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and the University of Sydney School of Architecture, Design and Planning.

We investigate how the creative arts can contribute to public health in vibrant new ways.