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Nutrition and immuno-metabolism

Understanding the impact nutrition has on health

Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes are strongly linked to the consumption of a typical Western diet. Our work explores whether poor diets lead to disease and how a change in diet can help treat or prevent disease.

Our research in nutrition and immuno-metabolism involves:

  • food technologists exploring how to manipulate and improve food structure
  • chemists and physicists studying which dietary metabolites affect our physiology
  • microbiologists determining the impact of diet on gut health
  • immunologists investigating the impact of diet on immune function and disease development in preclinical models
  • clinicians and human nutritionists leading clinical trials.

We’re exploring affordable and safe ways to help people understand and achieve an optimum diet for good health.

A good diet is a safe and affordable way to keep us healthy, prevent disease and improve the effects of medicine – including reducing drug dosage and side effects.

Project Node Leader

Dr Laurence Macia
Dr Laurence Macia
"I am fully aligned with the Charles Perkins Centre, as I believe that an interdisciplinary institute is the key for efficient research."
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