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Qantas partnership: health and wellness in the air

Airline travel and health – before, during and after long-haul flights

Our partnership with Qantas will develop an integrated, holistic and evidence-based approach to airline travel and health.

Our researchers are working with Qantas to provide integrated health and wellbeing advice, education and research in a range of areas that have the potential to dramatically improve the experience of long-haul flying, including:

  • food and beverage services
  • jetlag mitigation, circadian entrainment, sleep and light exposure
  • physical activity
  • transit lounge design
  • evaluation and experimental design
  • education and professional training.

As Qantas launches its transformative Dreamliner project, it’s working with the University’s transformative multidisciplinary Charles Perkins Centre on a unique evidence-based approach to improve customer’s and crew’s experience of long-haul flights.

This unprecedented partnership between an airline and a university will develop an integrated, holistic and evidence-based approach to customer health.

Already our partnership with Qantas has led to the development of a 4D planning system designed by our University academics that reduces CO2 emissions and fuel costs with flight path optimisation.

This collaborative partnership between Qantas and our researchers will seek to discover ways to maximise customer and workplace health and the customer experience before, during and after long-haul travel.