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Student organisations

Join a China-related student group

Joining a student organisation is a great way to engage with other students and enhance your understanding of Australia and China.  

There are many student organisations at the University of Sydney that centre on China, ranging from socialising and entertainment to groups that can help with your studies. There are also well-established student organisations from just about every nation that you may wish to join. 

The following descriptions have been provided by the listed organisations. Please contact them directly for more information.

University of Sydney organisations

Sydney China Studies Student Society 

The Sydney China Studies Student Society is a group of postgraduate students who are researching topics related to China. The society runs monthly student seminars in which candidates present their research and receive feedback from their peers.

The society also facilitates social events for postgraduate students from the University of Sydney and other universities nearby. In 2017, the society ran a postgraduate research day for students throughout Australia, and is aiming to repeat this annually. 

China Development Society

China Development Society (中国发展社) is a platform for the exchange of thoughts on matters related to China’s development. The society brings together and promotes knowledge exchange between academics, public figures and students who are interested in China’s development. They run a China Talk and Art workshop, and can be found on WeChat and Facebook.

Chinese Culture Society

The Chinese Culture Society introduces Chinese culture through a range of events including seminars on Chinese culture and mythology, and picnics, games and activities to commemorate traditional Chinese festivals.  

Chinese Law Students Society

The Chinese Law Students Society was founded in 2004. It is dedicated to enhancing the quality of student life at the University and providing members with opportunities on a global scale. The society fosters the ambitions and aspirations of members in their pursuit of academic excellence, provides career opportunities within Australia and overseas, and facilitates a range of social events to build a strong sense of community.


National organisations

Chinese Studies Association of Australia

The Chinese Studies Association of Australia is the professional association for China specialists and postgraduate students in Australia. Its membership includes most of the specialists in the fields of anthropology, economics, geography, history, language, law, linguistics, political science, sociology, literature and other aspects of Chinese society and culture.

Asian Studies Association of Australia

The Asian Studies Association of Australia is the peak body of university experts and educators on Asia in Australia. Established in 1976, the association promotes and supports the study of Asia in Australian universities, and knowledge of Asia among the broader community. Its membership includes Asia experts in industry and government, as well as students and reseachers.

Australia China Youth Association

The Australia China Youth Association is a youth-administered non-government organisation that aims to foster a transnational community of young Australians and Chinese interested in furthering understanding of each other’s countries. Focusing chiefly on people aged 18 to 30, the association aims to facilitate and develop lasting bilateral friendships, partnerships and opportunities across a variety of sectors, including business, academia, government, sport and the arts.