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Study options

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Choose the right course and get the skills you need to join the next generation of China scholars.

The University of Sydney offers a wide range of options that focus on China as part of your undergraduate or postgraduate studies.

For undergraduate students, the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the University of Sydney Law School and the University of Sydney Business School offer disciplines and subjects relating to China.

Postgraduate students can find research, reading and writing support at the China Studies Centre, partake in networking opportunities, and join our comprehensive 'how to' skills series. 

Undergraduate options

Several departments within the University offer units covering China and greater China. 

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Law School

Business School

Postgraduate support

We want to be a second home for all postgraduate students with a research interest in China.

The centre organises a series of events each year to support our research students and create a community of knowledge among students from different disciplines. Our workshops help you prepare for a career after completing a PhD. We tailor events to the specific experience of studying China and encourage you to stay in touch with us so you can participate in event organisation or propose themes for future events.

We provide a range of activities to support research students engaged in China-related research:


A small yet diverse group of PhD students who are working on China share their research and writing experiences. In 2017, the theme was 'Building a Community of Chinese Knowledge: Your PhD Thesis on China'. 

Sydney Chinese Studies Postgraduate Seminar 

This twice-yearly seminar has been established to give postgraduate students the opportunity to present their research in a collegial environment and receive constructive, expert feedback. Students are welcome to use this opportunity to refine papers that will be presented at upcoming conferences, receiving feedback from local and international Chinese Studies experts in a range of disciplines.

Reading masterclasses

In our reading groups, you can discuss literature across a number of disciplines in the study of China, and meet colleagues tackling similar research questions. Or, if you would like to suggest a topic or a reading, please get in touch with us! 

'How to' event series 

In this series of graduate student skills and research development events, we discuss a range of issues that concern China researchers. In 2017 and 2018, we held the following 'How to' events:

  1. How to find China-related resources
  2. How to maximise your job opportunities in China-related fields
  3. How to get published
  4. How to use and translate Chinese language materials for research and dissemination to the public
  5. How to do fieldwork in China
  6. How to fund your research on China.

Find out more about the 'How to' series. 

Want to organise a postgraduate seminar or workshop? 

If you have an idea for a China-related workshop or seminar, we may be able to support you. Contact us at

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Are you a student engaged in China-related research or simply interested in learning more about China? Would you like to learn from experienced scholars in China-related fields at our student events? Do you want to meet with other like-minded students who are also working on China and learn how they are dealing with similar challenges?

Become a student member of the China Studies Centre and be the first to receive the latest news, updates, information about special events and access to networking, grant and job opportunities.