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Kick off your research with these websites and journals

Our list of China-focused blogs, news and research websites, online databases, magazines and journals is updated regularly. 



SupChina is an English-language online platform that reports on recent Chinese news, spanning the fields of economics, politics, and culture. The website publishes a daily newsletter briefly summarising contemporary events and issues. This daily news is published on the SupChina website alongside articles offering in-depth analysis. The SupChina platform features two podcasts: the Sinica Podcast, which provides expert commentary on a range of issues, and the Caixin-Sinica Business Brief Podcast, which discusses business and financial news.


Created by the Paulson Institute, a think tank at the University of Chicago, MacroPolo is an English-language digital platform focused on China’s political economy. The platform features a blog that analyses recent news related to the Chinese economy, Two Fen, an interactive map of Chinese direct investment in the United States, FDI Gateway, and a timeline and a searchable repository of policies and measures (in both Chinese and English) related to China’s economic reforms since 2013, ReformPedia.

China Intellectual Property Rights

China Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) is a blog published by Mark Cohen, director of the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology’s Asia IP Project. The English-language blog discusses recent developments in China’s intellectual property laws and policies. China IPR also offers information on upcoming events and resources related to Chinese IP.

China Dialogue

China Dialogue is a London-based, independent, non-profit organisation focused on environmental issues in China. Their bilingual website publishes reports and opinion pieces discussing recent environmental news, covering a range of topics including climate change, business, food, pollution, security, culture, and technology. Reports published by China Dialogue are also available for download on their website.

Fairbank Centre Blog

The Fairbank Center Blog is published by the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University. The blog features articles by academics and current graduate students covering a variety of topics including history, literature, environment, politics, and business. The Fairbank Centre Blog also includes links to the Fairbank Center’s 'Harvard on China' Podcast, which offers expert discussions on a diverse range of subjects, from Chinese history to recent political developments.

University of Westminster Chinese Poster Collection

The Chinese Poster Collection is a unique archival collection in the University of Westminster, with approximately 900 posters dating from the 1950s to the 1960s, as well as books and other ephemera. The collection reflects a significant era in modern Chinese history and remain as a valuable legacy and an important resource for academic purposes.

Online databases and resources

China Studies Centre subject guide

The guide, hosted by the University's library, details China-related resources in the library’s collection. The subject guide is organised into six categories: business and economics, development and transformation, language, literature, culture and education, science and technology, history, and wellbeing and health. The guide includes links to government websites, online databases, newspapers, and relevant organisations. Visit the site.

China Academic Journal full-text database via CNKI

The China Academic Journal full-text database contains over 10,000 Chinese-language academic journals published in the People’s Republic of China from 1951 to the present. The database features periodicals produced by universities, professional associations, and government organisations, covering the fields of science, engineering, agriculture, medicine, philosophy, the humanities, social sciences, and economics. The database is searchable by journal title, subject, article title, abstract, keyword, author, or the full-text of articles. Journal titles in the database can also be browsed according to subject area. The China Academic Journal full-text database is accessible through the University of Sydney Library and the National Library of Australia.

Chinese Text Project

The Chinese Text Project is an open-access digital library of historical Chinese texts. The project is particularly focused on ancient texts, but also includes texts from later historical periods. The website’s interface has both Chinese and English-language versions. English and modern Chinese translations are given for some texts. The database can be browsed according to period and subject matter, or texts can be located by a full-text search. The website features a range of tools such as an integrated dictionary function, scans of source texts, historical commentaries, and information on parallel passages.

China Data Online

China Data Online is an English-language digital database created by the China Data Center at the University of Michigan that offers current and historical economic statistics and census data from the National Bureau of Statistics of the People’s Republic of China. The database includes national and provincial statistics dating from 1949 onwards, monthly macroeconomic data at the national, provincial, county, and city levels from 1998 onwards, and a series of statistical yearbooks published by the National Bureau of Statistics. The website also features economic and industrial census data, as well as census data from the provincial and county levels. The China Data online database is accessible through the National Library of Australia.

Stanford Law School Guiding Cases Project

The Stanford Law School Guiding Cases Project is an online platform devoted to the documentation and analysis of the Supreme Court of China’s 'Guiding Cases System' established in 2010. The website provides full-text versions of Guiding Case judgements in Chinese, English-language translations, and expert commentaries and quantitative analysis of cases. The website also includes a section devoted to legal resources related to the 'Belt and Road Initiative'.

Digital Image Collections of the Republic of China, 1911-1949

The Digital Images Collections of the Republic of China database is an online, Chinese-language database of photographs from the period between 1911 and 1949. The searchable database contains over 70,000 images organised into four categories: historical figures, historical events, daily life and customs, and architecture and landscape. The database also has a timeline tool and a feature that indicates connections between different historical figures. The collection database is accessible via the National Library of Australia.

The China Story 

The China Story is an English-language online platform created by the Australian Centre on China in the World at the Australian National University in Canberra. The platform is focused on issues related to contemporary China: the 'Key Intellectuals' section of the website introduces important Chinese academics and public intellectuals; the 'Currents of Thought' page discusses contemporary Chinese political and intellectual thought; the 'Keywords' page analyses terms used in China’s official and public discourses; and the 'Reading into the Past' page offers English-language translations of materials published in China in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. The China Story also produces a yearbook featuring contributions by scholars working in the field of Chinese studies, available to download for free on the China Story website. 

Wairarapa Academy, China Heritage Quarterly

The Wairarapa Academy for New Sinology 白水書院, in the Wairarapa Valley, New Zealand, is an independent body established by John Minford and Geremie R. Barmé. The Academy, presently a virtual site, promotes New Sinology, an approach to the study of the Chinese world which was first put forward by Geremie R. Barmé in 2005 when he established the China Heritage Project at the Australian National University. New Sinology formed the basis for the online journal China Heritage Quarterly (2005-2012).

News sites


Xinhua is the People’s Republic of China’s state-owned news service. The English-language website reports on Chinese and international news. The online platform covers business, culture, sport, science and technology, and entertainment, in both text and video formats.

The Paper

The Paper is a state-owned Chinese-language news website and app, established by the Shanghai United Media Group in 2014. The platform is updated daily with news articles and videos. The Paper also includes features, reviews, and editorial commentaries, as well as a section debunking recent online 'rumours'.

South China Morning Post

South China Morning Post is an English-language newspaper based in Hong Kong. The online platform provides news related to China, Hong Kong, and the world, as well as editorial analysis.  The South China Morning Post’s “This Week in Asia” section brings together news and commentary related to current affairs throughout Asia. The “China Briefing” section offers regular commentary on Chinese politics.

Hong Kong Free Press

The Hong Kong Free Press is an independent, non-profit online English-language newspaper based in Hong Kong founded in 2015. Focused on primarily on Hong Kong news, the website’s 'Sinobeat' section also reports on recent news from China, Taiwan, and Singapore, and the “Opinion” section offers editorial commentary on current affairs in Hong Kong and China. The online platform also features an 'urban exploration' section that features video and photographic documentation of urban spaces in Hong Kong.

BBC Chinese

BBC Chinese is the BBC News Chinese-language website. BBC Chinese reports on Chinese and international news and provides editorial commentary on recent events. The online platform also offers Chinese-language video reports on events both in China and around the world.

Online magazines and journals

East Asia Forum Quarterly

The East Asia Forum Quarterly is an English-language open access journal published by the East Asia Forum based at the Crawford School of Public Policy at the Australian National University. The journal offers analysis, research, and commentary on politics, law, international relations, economic, security, and economics in the east Asia region. The publication is available for download on the East Asia Forum website.

China Currents

China Currents is the journal of the China Research Centre based in Atlanta, Georgia. China Currents publishes research articles, commentary, and interviews discussing on contemporary China-related issues. The English-language journal is open access, available on the China Research Centre’s website.

East Asian History

East Asian History is an open access English-language refereed digital journal devoted to scholarly research on the history of East Asia, published twice annually. The journal is based at the Australian Centre on China in the World at the Australian National University in Canberra. East Asian History is available for download on the journal’s website.

Made in China

Made in China is an open access English-language quarterly focused on issues of labour, civil society, and rights in China, published by the Chinoiresie website supported by the Australian Centre on China in the World at the Australian National University in Canberra. Made in China is available for download on the East Asia Forum website.

The PRC History Review 

The PRC History Review is an open access English-language online publication produced by the PRC History Group. The PRC History Review features research articles as well as roundtable discussions of recent developments in historical studies of the People’s Republic of China. The publication is accessible online through the PRC History Group’s website. 

China studies centres in Australia

Chinese Studies Association of Australia

The China Studies Association of Australia (CSAA) is a multi-disciplinary professional association for China scholars and postgraduate students in Australia. The CSAA website collects information on China-related conferences, calls for papers, events, exhibitions, and job listings. The CSAA also holds a biennial conference. Information about CSAA membership is available on the association’s website.

The Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture 

Based at Western Sydney University, the Australia-China Institute for Arts and Culture is a national centre for cultural exchange between Australia and Greater China region. The institute holds public talks, seminars, workshops, and exhibitions, which are listed on their website. 

Australian Centre on China in the World

The Australian Centre on China in the World is a multidisciplinary research institution for Chinese studies based at the Australian National University in Canberra. The centre hosts a range of events such as lectures, seminars, exhibitions, and film screenings. Information on upcoming events and recordings of some past events can be found on the centre’s website. 

Australia-China Relations Institute

The Australia-China Relations Institute is an independent think tank based at the University of Technology in Sydney concerned with the study of Australia-China relations. The Australia-China Relations Institute hosts lectures and panels, and information on upcoming events and audio recordings of some past events can be found on the institute’s website.

China Studies Research Centre

The China Studies Research Centre is a research institute based at La Trobe University in Melbourne. The centre hosts a seminar series, as well as masterclasses and workshops. Information about upcoming events is available on the centre’s website.

Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies 

The Centre for Contemporary Chinese Studies is based at the University of Melbourne. The centre hosts the Contemporary China Seminar Series and recordings of the seminar series are available on their website. The centre also produces the bimonthly publication China Centre Research Briefs, also available for download on their website.


Some of the resources listed can only be accessed with a National Library of Australia library card. The library card allows you to access a select range of licensed electronic resources. To be eligible, you must live in Australia and supply an Australian residential address. You can apply for a library card online.