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Advanced Coursework

About Advanced Studies Coursework in Social Sciences

Undertaking this Social Sciences option will extend your knowledge and critical thinking skills through challenging coursework and a 4000-level project: an opportunity to experience work outside the classroom by collaborating on a substantial real-world project in a professional, community or entrepreneurial setting. This coursework year will equip you with the skills and experience to follow your career aspirations and develop networks beyond the classroom.

Our social sciences pathway covers wide-ranging subjects from anthropology and politics to international relations and economics. See below example of the different areas you can choose to study within the social sciences pathway:  

  • Social and political sciences - the coursework and project units offered within this area provides you with the opportunity to research, diagnose and propose responses to tangible contemporary and persistent social, cultural, political and economic challenges. There are opportunities to undertake primary research, learn to harness big data for critical social science research and decision-making and further develop analytic and communication skills. A key focus of the advanced coursework and project units is developing your capacity to translate social science research and analysis into effective contributions to public and policy debates. Relevant majors include: Anthropology; Criminology; International Relations; Political Economy; Politics; Sociology; Socio-Legal Studies or equivalent majors.      
  • Economics - provides you with a cohesive program in advanced studies in Economics. The advanced coursework units gives you advanced theoretical knowledge and skillsets for analysing macroeconomic policy issues and practice in Australia and internationally. They will equip you with an understanding of the fundamentals of modern models of corporate finance and governance. The project units will develop communication and research skills, and allow you to apply your knowledge to a real world or policy related problem, with the opportunity to collaborate with industry partners. Relevant majors include: Agricultural and Resource Economics; Economics; Econometrics; Financial Economics; Economic Policy or equivalent majors.    
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The course information on this website applies only to future students. Current students should refer to faculty handbooks for current or past course information.

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