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Honours subject area

In the fourth year honours program in Archaeology students will carry out a sustained research project, and are additionally required to take two of the seminar-based study units:

  • ARCO4104 Archaeological Research Themes
  • ARCO4105 Archaeological Research Approaches

The Department focusses in Honours research in its three specialist streams: Australian, Western/Central Asian and Classical archaeology. Honours projects on other archaeology subjects will be considered on an individual basis.

Entry is in semester one, there is no mid-year entry to this program.

If you are interested in undertaking Honours in Archaeology, please contact the Honours Coordinator Associate Professor Lesley Beaumont.

To commence study in the year

Units of study in honours

To commence study in the year

The course information on this website applies only to future students. Current students should refer to faculty handbooks for current or past course information.

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