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Honours subject area

Note: this Honours subject area is for pre-2018 commencing students only.

An honours degree specialising in Finance at the University of Sydney Business School is a prestigious and highly sought after qualification. Since the Honours Program was introduced in 1996, the Discipline of Finance has graduated over 200 honours graduates. This elite group of alumni have gone on to excellent graduate positions with leading Investment Banks, Investment Management, Private Equity firms and other financial services organisations. A number of these students have also undertaken PhDs in Finance.

During the honours year, students work on a research thesis which allows them to develop expertise in a specific area of finance. It also provides students with considerable research experience and allows them to develop their writing skills and to develop and structure ideas. Much of the honours year involves independent learning which requires students to be highly self-motivated. Students must also develop time management skills. This experience is critical for successful careers after the honours year.

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