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About this major

Musicologists are interested in how music is made, how people listen to music and why music is heard in particular ways. Musicology is the perfect choice if you are interested in the history of music, how music is constructed, or the ways it is understood and used by people around the world. 

Graduate opportunities

Musicologists often pursue further research and become experts in a particular subject area or teach at a tertiary level. However, the skills gained within musicology – such as research, critical thinking, communication and public speaking – are transferable to a range of industries and occupations.

Career pathways include:

  • Arts administration and management
  • music critic
  • music journalist
  • musicologist and/or subject expert
  • private tutor
  • museums/libraries (curating, archiving, and preserving instruments, manuscripts, photos, documents, and letters)
  • university lecturer
Courses that offer this major

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