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The Sydney School of Education and Social Work offers a wide range of units of study in the Education minor. While these are not designed to prepare you for a career in teaching, they will develop your understanding of education as a social phenomenon.

You will receive an introduction to the complexities of education through examination of a number of fields. These may include the nature, context and processes of education through historical, psychological, philosophical and sociological perspectives; human growth and development and their implications for education; and the relationship between education and politics, social organisation, and economic development, across different societies and cultures.    

For more information on the program structure and content including unit of study information, please refer to the Interdisciplinary Studies Handbook.

Graduate opportunities

Our graduates enter a wide range of careers. Examples include:

  • Careers adviser 
  • Government and public service roles 
  • Family support worker 
  • Policy officer 
  • Researcher 
  • Youth support officer
Career pathways
Courses that offer this minor

To commence study in the year

Units of study in this minor

To commence study in the year

The course information on this website applies only to future students. Current students should refer to faculty handbooks for current or past course information.

To help you understand common terms that we use at the University, we offer an online glossary.