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About this program

Contemporary animal production aims to yield high quality products in ways that are efficient, sustainable and humane. As a student in the Animal Production major, you will learn how environment affects livestock productivity, how physiology affects production and reproduction and how to improve animal performance through the application of underpinning animal sciences. You will also study animal behaviour and learn about production systems that promote animal wellbeing and welfare. You will acquire a sound understanding of resources required to address the challenges associated with achieving sustainable and profitable animal production enterprises. You will graduate with a recognised industry-oriented science-based education with a strong focus on enhancing the health, well-being and productivity of animal used in production systems, through innovative approaches. You will be well prepared for a career in one of the many animal production industries and organisations associated with food and fibre production (aquaculture, beef, dairy, pigs, poultry, and sheep).

For more information on the program structure and content, view theĀ Science Undergraduate Handbook.

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