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An image of a satellite pointed at the visible milky way galaxy.

Understand the universe, and your place in it

Investigate the very moment of creation of the universe, learn the full history of stars and galaxies, discover how planetary systems form and how environments hospitable for life develop. Astrophysics applies the rules of physics to explore the fundamental structure of the universe. It deals with the nature of space and time, matter and energy, and provides the foundation for modern technology.


About this Program

This program will be available from 2023 onwards.

The University of Sydney's Astrophysics program is built around a Physics major, with emphasis on topics that are especially relevant to astronomy. With a thorough grounding in physics and data science, you will be able to appreciate and understand the complex processes that occur in stars and their planetary systems, in galaxies and quasars, and in the formation and evolution of the universe itself. The program seeks to provide you with in-depth knowledge in a range of subjects including Astronomy and Data Science, Mathematics, Electrodynamics and Optics, and Quantum, Statistical and Computational Physics.


Career opportunities

The skills gained from the Sydney Uni Astrophysics program will equip you with a variety of highly sought after skills, such as problem solving, information handling, critical thinking, communication, experimentation, and data analysis. Potential careers include;

  • professional astrophysicist
  • teaching
  • data science 
  • medicine 
  • communications 
  • manufacturing
  • public service
  • management 
  • finance
Courses that offer this major

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