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Please note this specialisation is only available in 2022.

Ecology and evolution are important concepts that underlie a broad range of the biological sciences.

Ecology investigates the processes that govern the biological interactions between individuals and that operate on ecosystem scales.

Evolution is a unifying theme that explains the patterns we observe in the natural world, ranging from genomes to the diversification of life through time.

The fields of Ecology and Evolution intersect at multiple levels and are critically relevant to real-world challenges.

Graduate opportunities

As a graduate specialising in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, you will have the knowledge and technical skills to pursue a career in agricultural industries, government departments and conservation agencies, potentially as a:
  • Computational biologist
  • Consultant
  • Ecologist
  • Environmental scientist
  • Environmental services manager
  • Evolutionary biologist
  • Natural resource manager
Courses that offer this specialisation

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Units of study in this specialisation

To commence study in the year

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