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Our Water Engineering specialisation explores the ways in which water is managed in environmental and engineered systems. It encompasses areas of environmental engineering, fluid mechanics, hydrology and engineered systems including reservoirs and urban drinking water supplies.

In this specialisation, you will combine knowledge of fundamental fluid mechanics and hydrology with a practical understanding of sustainable water management and safe drinking water supply.

The specialisation aims to offer a comprehensive program, which will cover conventional approaches to water management as well as cutting-edge new technologies used to supply water by seawater desalination and purified recycled water.

Graduate opportunities

The United Nations has established 17 sustainable development goals (SDG) in which ‘water and sanitation’ is among the top priorities. Countries have promised to achieve universal and equitable access to safe and affordable drinking water by ensuring sustainable management of water. Civil Engineers have a central role to play in delivering this SDG globally. Furthermore, the Australian water industry suffers from a shortage of skills in many aspects of urban water engineering. The Water Engineering specialisation responds to this shortage to deliver more engineers skilled in urban water systems.

As a graduate of the Water Engineering specialisation, you will be prepared to work in the industries that manage and deliver water supply services. These include management of water in environmental systems, including rivers, lakes, and groundwater.

Furthermore, water engineers are highly sought after to design and manage all aspects of the urban water cycle. Important roles include catchment managers, water treatment plant designers and operators, process engineers, water distribution system managers, stormwater system designers, water sensitive urban designers, water quality managers, wastewater treatment engineers, asset lifecycle managers, new technology developers and environmental protection professionals.

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