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Modern Alchemy: Lotions and Potions - OLET1670

Year - 2020

What exactly is in your paraben-free, organic plant-extract, cleanse and replenish shampoo and conditioner, and what does it do for you? What is a paraben and are they a problem? Why is it better to make shampoo from an 'organic plant-extract' than a non-organic one, or something else entirely? This unit will lift the lid on shampoos, conditioners, cosmetics, and related household products, and uncover the roles played by the different ingredients. You will learn to identify broad structural features of important molecules and gain an appreciation of how their structure relates to their function. You will gain a historical perspective on the discovery and invention of new molecules and relate this to their use in familiar, everyday products. You will explore some molecules that can be problematic, consider their drawbacks, and the development of better alternatives. You will develop skills in communicating your knowledge of these molecules, their context and properties to others and produce resources suitable for the general public. By doing this unit, you will become a more informed consumer, better able to interpret the branding and creative marketing used to promote chemical products that you use every day and you will be able to communicate what you've learnt to your friends, family and community.

1 x face-to-face class of 2 hours, 4 modules delivered online

4 x online quiz (30% total), infographic or video (35%), written assignment (35%)

Assumed knowledge
This is an introductory level unit, no prior knowledge is required.


Faculty: Science

Intensive April

23 Mar 2020

Department/School: Chemistry Academic Operations
Study Mode: Block mode
Census Date: 10 Apr 2020
Unit of study level: Junior
Credit points: 2.0
EFTSL: 0.042
Available for study abroad and exchange: Yes
Faculty/department permission required? No
More details
Unit of Study coordinator: Alice Motion
HECS Band: 2
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