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Sleep and the Endocrine System - SLEE5009

Year - 2020

Aims: To understand the specific role of hormones in modulating circadian rhythms and sleep architecture; to appreciate the direct and indirect effects of disorders in hormone systems on sleep. Content: Melatonin and the Pineal: The anatomy and physiology of the pineal and its role in sensing photoperiod. Melatonin as a chronobiotic and its role in normal function and possible therapeutics. Sleep and the Menstrual Cycle: The influence of female sex hormone levels on sleep architecture during the menstrual cycle. Some reference to menopause will be made, however, this will be dealt with in future modules. Sex Hormones and Corticosteroid Disorders: The influence of male sex hormones and imbalances of steroids such as in Cushing's diseases which may have direct or indirect effects on sleep. Management of such conditions is discussed in relation to sleep. Acromegaly, Hypothyriodism and Diabetes: These hormonal imbalances lead to pathophysiological changes that adversely affect sleep. This module examines these changes and management of such patients.

~0.5 hours online lectures over 1 semester plus directed reading and independent study

1x2000word essay (40%), 1xonline quiz (30%), 1xexam (30%)


Faculty: Medicine and Health

Semester 1

24 Feb 2020

Department/School: Sleep Medicine
Study Mode: Online
Census Date: 31 Mar 2020
Unit of study level: Postgraduate
Credit points: 2.0
EFTSL: 0.042
Available for study abroad and exchange: No
Faculty/department permission required? No
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Unit of Study coordinator: Professor Colin Sullivan
HECS Band: 3
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