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Impact on fees and costs

FAQs about fees and costs
Have a question about fees and costs in the context of COVID-19? We've put together some answers to some of the common queries.

If some units of study are not available to study remotely and your application for a reduced study load is granted, your tuition fees will be reduced based on your enrolment for the relevant teaching period. See the FAQ below for more information.

The reduced study load request must be lodged prior to the relevant census date.

Your fees will be reduced based on the number of credit points you enrol in for the relevant teaching period, noting a full-time study load for a semester is generally 24 credit points. For instance, if you paid for a full 24 credit point enrolment but were subsequently approved to reduce your study load to 12 credit points in Semester 1, you would be eligible for a full refund or credit of the overpayment. Most units of study are 6 credit points but you can check your specific units of study on our Sydney Courses website.

You can work out the unit of study cost by looking on the Courses website for the indicative annual course fee rate (based on a 48 credit point enrolment). Depending on the credit point value of each unit, you can calculate the unit of study cost. You can also refer to your Student Financial Statement for each semester for confirmation of your actual unit of study costs.

Your tuition fees will be adjusted automatically as you vary your enrolment, as long as your enrolment change occurs prior to the teaching period census date. Any overpayment of your tuition fees will appear in the system as an overpayment (known as a fee credit) in your account, which automatically rolls over to your future fees where applicable. You can apply for a refund of any overpaid tuition fees by logging onto Sydney Student (go to “My Finance”, “Your Finances”, then “Request refund”).  If you are unable to complete this process, please email  For more information, please see the refunds web page.

Please read this further information on our website about how to apply for a reduced study load and to check the census date for your units of study.

All changes to your enrolment need to be made by the applicable census date for the teaching period to avoid incurring financial liability for a unit of study.

The relevant study dates are available on our website and will depend on which academic sessions you are enrolled in.

Please see section 8 of our International Student Fee Refund Policy.

For more information about how to request a refund of the overpayment in your account please see our our refunds web page.

The date on which you suspend, defer or withdraw is important and affects your entitlement under the Policy.

The COVID-19 pandemic is an evolving and complex situation. The University will consider the issue of withdrawal fees for 2022 in due course and communicate our approach with students. 

If your degree takes longer to complete due to COVID-19, you will not need to pay additional fees for units you have already paid for provided you follow our reasonable directions for enrolment and satisfy your course requirements. For instance, if you fail a unit of study, you will need to pay again to enrol a second time. However, all fees are subject to annual reviews and may increase for each year of your study, effective at the start of each calendar year.

Updated indicative fees are published annually. You will need to pay the updated fees each year you study with us.

Please read and follow the instructions on your scholarship offer. For certain Scholarships, you will need to send an email to the Scholarships Office to request a deferral for your scholarship offer and explain the reasons for your deferral request.

Deferral is subject to review from the Head of Scholarships Office and is subject to the terms and conditions of the scholarship.

For external scholarships, you will need to refer to the relevant funding body for terms and conditions.

Last updated July 2021

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