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Group photo of entire Centre for Translational Data Science staff team

Our people

We bring together the brightest minds in data science
From PhD students to renowned senior academics, we welcome experts at all stages of their careers.

We work with colleagues from across diverse fields, industries and communities to solve some of our biggest environmental, medical, societal and economic problems. 

We are committed to building an inclusive, open and vibrant research community.

Discover more about our researchers and their research journeys so far.

Meet our leadership team

Our leadership is comprised of a team of ground-breaking data scientists led by Director, Professor Sally Cripps and supported by 4 Data Science Deputy Directors who each lead a key research theme.

Sally is an ARC Future Fellow (2014-18), a professor of statistics and the Chair of the International Society of Bayesian Analysis’ Section on Bayesian Education Research and Practice (BERaP). 

An internationally recognised scholar in Bayesian statistics, Sally’s research focus is on developing novel methods to flexibly model and analyse complex data. This includes: 

  • using mixture models for complex phenomenon

  • modelling longitudinal data

  • nonparametric regression

  • the spectral analysis of time series

  • constructing transitions kernels in MCMC schemes which efficiently explore posterior distributions of interest. 

Since forming the Centre for Translational Data Science at the University of Sydney, Sally has shifted her research focus to developing probabilistic models that have real-world applications. Working with researchers across science and engineering, their aim is to develop statistical methods that can provide solutions to a wide range of global problems.  

Deputy directors

These research leaders will unite teams of researchers and other experts in common research goals. They encourage world class data science research and unique collaborations, driving innovative impactful outcomes.

Each will lead one of four themes:

  • Foundational data science
  • Translation
  • Innovation
  • Outreach and engagement

The Deputy Directors and the Director will form CTDS’s executive, responsible for:

  1. developing CTDS’s strategy;
  2. growing each theme by seeking external research funding; and
  3. developing capability in their theme.

Deputy Directors will be announced in November 2019.