The Bachelor of Education (Secondary) combined degrees are offered over five years. Preservice teachers graduate with a Bachelor of Education (Secondary) and either a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science. The BSc program is further specialised into science and mathematics.

During the first two and a half years of the program, preservice teachers undertake extensive studies in their chosen discipline areas, which equip them to enter into education specific units of study. In Year 3 and Year 4, all preservice teachers undertake units of study in intensive curriculum methodology, and pedagogy policy and practice. As well, they spend substantial periods of block professional experience in secondary schools. Semester One of the fifth – and final – year of the program is spent in the arts or science faculty, completing the required senior units of study and discipline majors (for the award of a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science).

The exact nature of the Internship (EDSE5008) for each intern will be negotiated with the school at the time of the application, as well as through subsequent interview by members of school staff. Interns are fully qualified teachers. They have chosen to undertake the internship as part of the requirements for the award of two degrees completed simultaneously.

Interns are expected to teach only 50–60 per cent of a full teaching load. This includes, under the guidance of the mentor teacher, further developing their skills in teaching their specialisation/s, and responsibility for all aspects of teaching and student matters for a range of secondary classes. In the 40–50 percent of non-teaching time, interns should become involved in as many other aspects of school life as possible, for example, some committee work, resource planning and development.

Key characteristics of the BEd (Secondary), BA/BSc internship

Internship dates

7 October to 21 November 2014
34-day internship

Teaching load

0.5–0.6 of a full teaching load. Independent duty of care.

Observation of classes

as many as possible across the internship period. Complete a focused observation form (pdf, 192kB) for each lesson observed.


Attendance is mandatory and preservice teachers will be required to make up any time lost due to illness, misadventure or other unforeseen circumstances where their attendance is less than 100 per cent of the professional experience. (Time spent at DEC or graduate interview does not need to be made up but evidence needs to be provided.)

Mentor teacher's responsibilities

· complete an Internship Professional Experience report (pdf, 654kB)
· co-teaching relationship and responsibilities, including general mentor
  guidance where required

Tertiary mentor's responsibilities

at least one liaison visit

Lesson planning

rigorous, including co-teaching discussion where appropriate