The Bachelor of Education (Early Childhood Education) internship (a six-week block of professional experience in a birth-to-five-years setting and one lead-up visit) is the fourth and final Professional Experience unit, which is listed in the online Unit of Study Handbook under Early Childhood Professional Internship (EDEC4006). This unit focuses on leadership, advocacy, and policy and management issues, along with the education and care of children aged from birth to five years.

Interns will be expected to take increasing leadership of the entire group/room, ensuring that appropriate systems are in place for observing and documenting the development of children across all domains, and for the preparation, documentation and evaluation of quality learning experiences.

Because this is the final Professional Experience, Preservice Teachers, will be expected to demonstrate their understanding of appropriate early-childhood pedagogical approaches, show their understanding of the importance of partnering with families to provide the best possible outcomes for their children and demonstrate familiarity with the range of policies, and regulatory processes essential to early-childhood services.

The internship gives preservice teachers an opportunity to demonstrate effective administrative and leadership strategies as they undertake a range of management tasks associated with the centre. They will also be expected to help prepare those children transitioning to school in the following year, as well as their families, for the changes to take place, and to engage in a leadership exercise with the centre staff, such as at a staff meeting or parent-teacher event.

In this final Professional Experience, students may wish to choose an early-childhood service that suits their research project or other area of interest, so they are given the opportunity to secure their own internship placement, provided their choice meets with the regulations of the University. Alternatively, the Office of Professional Experience can help students source an internship placement.