Grading and reporting

Included in the internship package for mentor teachers is the relevant Internship Report form [report for Early Childhood programs (pdf, 415kB) or reports for all other programs (pdf, 654kB)].
The report downloads are interactive files that may be directly edited on screen by the mentor before being printed for their signature. The Internship Report form should be completed by the mentor teacher in consultation with any other staff who worked directly with the intern. Additionally, communication with the tertiary mentor can often guide this process.

The Australian Institute for Teaching and School Leadership (AITSL) provides very useful illustrations of practice at the graduate level that will assist mentor teachers to make judgments about their intern's level of performance against the nationally expected standards for graduating teachers.

The Internship Report is significant for interns because it records their professional attainment during their final professional placement, measured against each of the standards for graduate teachers in the AITSL Professional Standards for Teachers. Accordingly, it presents a summary of the intern’s professional teaching expertise and often asked for in employment interviews.

If the report is to be word processed, mentor teachers are advised to compose their comments in a Word document prior to downloading the report pdf, so that each comment may be copied and inserted directly into the appropriate field of the report.

As possible after the conclusion of the internship, the original report should be printed, signed and given to the intern, and a copy sent to the appropriate administrator in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work's Office of Professional Experience, either by email, fax (+61 2 9351 4235), in person or by post (Room 604, Level 6, Education Building A35, Manning Rd, University of Sydney 2006).


In common with other Professional Experience units, internships result in a final grade of "R" (satisfies requirements) or "F" (fail). Assessments are subject to the oversight of the unit-of-study coordinator, in this case the Director of Professional Experience, as well as the Associate Dean (Undergraduate and Preservice Studies) in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work.

A designated section for each of the seven areas of practice listed in the AITSL Professional Standards for Teachers: Graduate Teacher appears in the report. Mentors are required to indicate the intern's level of achievement separately for each one. As well, they are required to provide a comment of general achievement attained by the intern across the seven standards.

The three possible levels of achievement for each standard are: "ND", "D" and "EE", where:

  • ND stands for "Not Developed" – the appropriate grade when the capacity for a particular standard has not been demonstrated within the opportunities offered in the internship

  • D stands for "Developed"

  • EE stands for "Exceeds Expectations" – indicates excellence (for a beginning teacher) demonstrated by the intern within a particular professional teaching standard.

For an overall grade of "R" to be awarded for the internship, every professional teaching standard needs to be graded as "D" or "EE". In cases of uncertainty, early discussion between the mentoring teacher and the Director of Professional Experience is important.