Internships for individual programs

Across all of the preservice teaching programs offered by the Sydney School of Education and Social Work, the internship is conceived as an induction bridge between the ending of preservice professional learning and the first year of teaching.

Internships range in length from 6–9 weeks and provide an intensive period of in-school/in-centre experience in which the intern can gain knowledge and experience in all facets of the role of the teacher and prepare as thoroughly as possible for their first year of teaching.

Interns should make an effort to become involved in as many aspects of school or early-childhood-centre life as possible and all duties associated with being a teacher. For early-childhood teachers, this may mean conducting parent orientations to the various rooms available to different age groups; primary-school interns can expect to be rostered to bus and/or playground duty and high-school internships could include working with musical ensembles or debating teams.

Internships are commonly linked to units of study that involve the intern focusing on their teaching practice within a practitioner-research framework. This section provides guidelines for the internship component in the five different teacher-education programs offered by the school: