Recompense for mentors

In regard to the duties involved in day-to-day supervision of interns, it was the view of all parties the Internship Agreement between the University, NSW Teachers Federation and NSW DEC, that the major recompense for mentors is the opportunity for release from classroom teaching for up to half their teaching load for an extended period, freeing them for participation in professional development or other activities within the school. A relevant section of the agreement states:

"As Internship is different from professional experience, it is agreed that, for the purposes of the Agreement, total payment to each Mentor Teacher for services in relation to the Program in a school, shall be at a rate that may vary from the normal rate for professional experience supervision, as stipulated in the Commonwealth Australian Higher Education Practice Teaching Supervision Award, 1990. A choice of two full days of professional development courses accredited with the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) and delivered through the school’s Office of Professional Learning Program will be made available to Mentor Teachers as payment for their professional mentoring work within the Internship. Alternatively, a Mentor Teacher may apply to be paid at 0.2 of the Award rate for the duration of the Internship placement period."

Thus, there are two options for recompense as outlined in the Internship Agreement:

  • Two full-day workshops delivered by the Sydney School of Education and Social Work selected from the available Professional Learning program (see below)

  • Cash payments –

○ Primary and secondary schools: overall payment at 0.2 of the Federal
   Award rate for supervision of preservice teachers (currently $30 per week
   for the duration of the Internship)

○ Early Childhood PE sites: currently $30 per day per preservice teacher
   for mentor teachers (this is the same rate of pay as supervising teachers in
   earlier Professional Experience placements because, uniquely, interns in
   early-childhood placements require supervision at all times); $1.38 per day
   per preservice teacher for centre directors.

Contact the Office Professional Experience if you would like a copy of the Internship Agreement sent to your school. A claim form, affiliation letter and recognition of non-employed honorarium form are all included in the internship package sent to mentors. These should be completed and, where applicable, signed, and returned to:

Office of Professional Experience
Room 604, Level 6,
Education Building A35
Manning Rd
The University of Sydney 2006

FREE professional development for internship mentor teachers

The Sydney School of Education and Social Work, through its Office of Professional Learning (OPL) in conjunction with the Office of Professional Experience, offers two days of professional learning to all teachers who mentor one of our interns as an acknowledgement of their professional contribution to the internship. Mentors who choose not to attend these sessions, should ask the manager of the OPL about alternative arrangements for remuneration. All mentor teachers receive payment of $62 for preparing the relevant Internship Report form [report for Early Childhood programs (interactive pdf, 415kB) or reports for all other programs (interactive pdf, 654kB)].

In the past this professional learning has been offered to the mentor teacher during the period their intern is in the school on their internship placement and thus potentially able to provide release from normal teaching responsibilities. This year OPL invites mentor teachers to choose two days of professional learning from its full calendar of events. It is hoped that this will give each mentor teacher maximum flexibility in engaging in professional learning that best meets his/her needs.

Detailed information about Professional Learning sessions is published on the Office of Professional Learning website: