Exclusion from a placement setting

In some instances the administrator of the Professional Experience provider (or their designate) and/or the University may require a preservice teacher to leave a particular setting and discontinue the Professional Experience placement. This can occur even if the preservice teacher has not been identified by their supervising teacher as a preservice teacher in need of additional support under the normal provisions for the Professional Experience.

Preservice teachers may be excluded from a setting and have thus be graded F for the relevant Professional Experience (PE) unit of study for any of the following reasons:

  • inability to reasonably cooperate with staff and work effectively in the PE environment

  • demonstrated attitudes and actions antithetical to the profession of teaching

  • absence from Professional Experience placement without satisfactory explanation, approved
    leave or the necessary documentation

  • serious deficiencies in their knowledge and understanding of their subject disciplines, the relevant curriculum or procedures, and planning for learning

  • serious deficiencies in their communication skills

  • serious breaches of University regulations, procedures or code of conduct for students

  • breaches of departmental/school/University regulations or the law.

Preservice teachers who have been excluded from a setting and thus been graded F for the associated PE placement may be precluded from pursuing opportunities for further PE or entry to other placement providers. If a preservice teacher demonstrates serious deficiencies or misbehaviour in one or more of the above "reasons for exclusion" during a placement, the University reserves the right to commence further action under its Show Cause provisions.

The school may exercise its prerogative not to place a preservice teacher in a PE setting in any instance where the performance, personal or professional conduct of the preservice teacher fails to meet the standard required by the Office of Professional Learning, regardless of the fact that the preservice teacher may be enrolled in a PE unit of study or course component.

Administrators of PE settings, including principals and early-childhood-centre directors are accountable to parents, school systems and their employers to provide quality learning opportunities and outcomes for children in their care; they need to be confident that preservice teachers placed with them for PE can support and maintain their setting's programs and standards.