Preservice teacher assessment


The Professional Experience Report is the written record of the achievements of the preservice teacher during the placement and a measure of their progression against the standard expected of all preservice teachers in the same stage of professional development.
Several types of report are published by the school. All may be downloaded as pdf documents:

For preservice placements in primary and secondary schools, the Evidence Guide (pdf, 241kB) contains examples that illustrate Standards 1 to 5 of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: Graduate Teacher. It is intended to promote formative and efficient assessment. Focus-area evidence is provided for preservice teachers in:

  • First Stage Professional Experience (PE) – Year 1 for MTeach; Year 2 for BEd programs

  • Middle Stage PE – Year 1–2 for MTeach; Year 3 for BEd programs

  • Graduate Stage – Year 2 for MTeach; Year 4 for BEd programs.

Requirements are listed in the report forms as particular outcomes that reflect the relevant standard/s.

Students enrolled in early-childhood programs can access the Early Childhood Professional Experience Report (all stages) (editable pdf, 3.11MB) to find the areas that are assessed during each placement. Mid-placement reports are required for Early Childhood placements, but not those of other programs. Space for mid-placement grades is made available on the report form (pdf, 3.11MB).


Although there are differing styles and emphases in each of the teacher-education programs offered
by the school, there is a common grading system for all Professional Experience units: the final grade will either be "R" (satisfies requirements) or "F" (fail). Assessments are subject to the oversight of the unit-of-study coordinator, in this case the Director of Professional Experience, as well as the Associate Dean (Undergraduate and Preservice Studies) in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work.

The assessment of the preservice teacher’s Professional Experience placement is the responsibility of the supervising teacher/s, where necessary in consultation with the tertiary mentor and in some circumstances, the Director of Professional Experience.

In the case of a Preservice Teacher in Need of Additional Support, consultation must involve the Director of Professional Experience. Such communication may be undertaken by either the tertiary mentor and/or the supervising teacher or principal/child-care centre director. As with all enrolled units of study in the school, PE assessments are subject to the oversight of the unit-of-study coordinator. This is in addition to the course coordinator for the degree within which the Professional Experience is undertaken, and the Associate Dean (Undergraduate and Preservice Studies).