Preparing a report

In Early Childhood programs only, a report (pdf, 3.11MB) is required midway through each placement, including the final placement. Supervising teacher/s in early childhood centres are responsible for completing a mid-placement report for every preservice teacher under their guidance.

Final reports are required within a week of the conclusion of every Professional Experience placement associated with a school program: early childhood, primary and secondary, undergraduate as well as graduate-entry programs. They are completed by the supervising teacher/s before being scanned/copied.

Whenever more than one supervising teacher is involved in a placement, any report about the preservice teacher on that placement needs to reflect the assessment/decision of all teachers involved.

Preservice teachers are given the original reports related to their placements; copies are sent by the supervising teacher to the Office of Professional Experience.

Final reports for all primary and secondary non-graduating preservice placements feature a possible result of "PD" (partially developed) in relation to meeting the expected Australian Professional Standards for Teachers: Graduate Teacher. Other possible results are "ND" (not developed) and "D" (developed). These correlate with, respectively, the ratings of "WT" (working towards), "U" (unsatisfactory) and "S" (satisfactory) options on Early Childhood PE reports.

As mentioned in the introduction to this section the overall grade for any placement will be either "R" (satisfies requirements) or "F" (fail). Reports relating to final-year placements do not allow for a rating of "PD" because any standard not being wholly met at this point is cause for an overall grade of F.

Reports about a placement need to be discussed with the preservice teacher concerned before s/he is asked to sign them. Often, the report is guided by conversations with the tertiary mentor. The report should be consistent with issues raised in ongoing talks between the supervising teacher and the preservice teacher during the Professional Experience, as well as in mentor discussions.