Payment and claiming procedures

Payment rates for supervised Professional Experience

  • Supervisors: Internships pay $30 per week for each student; all other placements pay
    $30 per day for each student

  • Coordinators: All placements including internships pay $1.50 per day for each student.

Preplacement-visit days can also be claimed for the purposes of supervisory payments.

Procedures and documentation

Claims for payment by all staff involved in a PE placement period should be collated and submitted by the early-childhood-centre director/school PE coordinator within 14 days of the end of the PE period and, in any event, always in the same calendar year as the placement period.

Before the preplacement visit/s of their preservice teacher/s, supervising teachers and school PE coordinators/early-childhood-centre directors should receive a "Prac Pack" containing detailed instructions about how to claim their payments for the PE period, as well as the following documents:

  • Letter of affiliation with the University/school teacher-training program
    [which must be signed by the payment recipient]

  • Honorarium form recognising non-employed, payment-for-service affiliation with the University/school

  • Tax-file-number-declaration form [all 13 questions must be completed]

  • University claim forms

  • Forms for providing bank/credit union details
    [the account number cannot exceed nine digits].

For claims to be processed smoothly, all of these documents must be returned to the Office of Professional Experience (OPE), along with copies of the relevant final report for each preservice teacher and the individual original Work, health and safety induction checklist (pdf, 136kB) form they signed – and which was faxed to the OPE – on Day 1 of their placement.

The final report of each preservice teacher's PE should be written by their supervising teacher before the last day of the placement to enable the preservice teacher to read and sign the documentation. The original should be given to the preservice teacher and a copy given to the school's PE coordinator/early-childhood-centre director to be posted to the OPE.

Ideally, only one package of pay-claim documentation should be sent from each PE setting to cover all preservice teachers hosted by the setting during the placement period.

OPE coordinators for specific programs

The appropriate PE coordinator for pay-claim packages varies according to the teacher-education program being undertaken. Coordinators names are published on the contacts page. In every instance, packages are requested to be sent by post to:

Office of Professional Experiences
Room 304
Level 3
Sydney School of Education and Social Work A35
University of Sydney NSW 2006