School Professional Experience coordinator

The responsibilities of Professional Experience coordinator within a cooperating school may be assumed by the principal but – particularly in larger schools – this role is often delegated to an experienced member of staff. The coordinator has responsibilities before, during and after a period of Professional Experience including:

  • being an advocate for the strong involvement of the school in the University’s Professional Experience programs, encouraging appropriate members of staff to participate as supervising teachers or mentor teachers

  • liaising with the OPE and other school staff regarding the linking of preservice teachers to particular supervising teachers of appropriate class/faculties within the school

  • ensuring appropriate University documentation is delivered to each supervising teacher

  • welcoming preservice teachers to the school and orientating them to its procedures

  • coordinating an induction process in which each preservice teacher is made aware of work, health and safety policies and practices. As soon as this is done, on Day 1 of the Professional Experience, the work, health and safety induction checklist (pdf, 136kB) needs to be signed by the preservice teacher and a copy returned by fax or email to the OPE

  • ensuring appropriate support is available for the professional learning of each preservice teacher during their Professional Experience placement. The University prefers that each preservice teacher works with one or, at most, two supervising teachers, who should have sufficient teaching experience and interpersonal competence to fulfill their role in supporting and guiding the in-school learning of the preservice teacher

  • communicating any concerns about the competence and/or professional approach of the preservice teacher in a timely manner to either or both the preservice teacher's University-allocated tertiary mentor and the director or manager of the OPE. [The University’s In Need of Additional Support procedures should be followed where appropriate.]

  • alerting the school's manager of Professional Experience if a preservice teacher is absent without explanation from the school, or where unusual circumstances or difficulties arise. All instances of absence should be noted and preservice teachers must apply for leave using the same procedures as those followed by teachers, except that their leave forms will be returned to the OPE, together with their attendance sheet, at the conclusion of the Professional Experience

  • ensuring that the relevant Professional Experience Report (see below for links) is completed and forwarded to the OPE within seven days of the conclusion of Professional Experience placement, along with any claim forms for supervising teacher/s for payment (in cash or in kind).

Early Childhood – all stages (editable pdf, 3.11MB)

Report forms for DipEd(Aboriginal) and BEd(Sec:AbStud) placements

All other programsnon-graduating Professional Experiences
   (editable pdf, 173kB) or
   graduating Professional Experience (editable pdf, 251kB)