Information for supervising teachers

The supervising teacher plays a crucial role in the professional development of the preservice teacher/s they agree to mentor. Supervising teachers are the major in-school educators during preservice teachers' Professional Experiences. Among other duties, supervising teachers oversee lesson plans and lessons, providing timely feedback, scheduling what lessons each preservice teacher should deliver and deciding on the frequency and timing of these lessons and other activities.

Most importantly, supervising teachers are responsible for completing the relevant stage and program Professional Experience Report for each preservice teacher they supervise, which will be the major factor in determining whether the preservice teacher has successfully completed the Professional Experience unit of study and is allowed to progress in their teacher-training program. More detail about the role of supervising teacher in different settings is available under roles and responsibilities.

The pages in this section have been published to try to address questions that are most often asked by supervising teachers in a range of programs and settings offered to preservice teachers in the Sydney School of Education and Social Work. Queries about specific cases or programs may be directed to the relevant manager or program coordinator within the Office of Professional Experience.