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Professional Experience in teaching as well as counselling is integral to the two-year graduate-entry Master of Teaching (School Counselling) offered by The University of Sydney School of Education and Social Work (SSESW). The first counselling placement occurs in Semester Two of Year 1. Placements for both teaching and counselling are scheduled during Year 2.

The Office of Professional Experiences in Teacher Education (OPE) builds partnerships with schools that offer Professional Experience placements. One of the major advantages of becoming a placement school is that the Office of Professional Learning (OPL) within SSESW offers free enrolment for school-based professional experience coordinators in its NESA-accredited workshop. Cost-recovery professional learning focused on mentoring is also available in the form of Mentoring
Modules 1 & 2. These modules articulate with the Master of Education degree (for further information contact Nina Goodwin).

Master of Teaching

In 2019, the Professional Experience program for students undertaking the two-year MTeach (School Counselling) degree comprises:

  Extent of professional experience Dates

Year 1
Counselling Placement 1

a 20-day block during Semester Two

2–27 September 2019

Year 2
Teaching Placement 1

Counselling Placement 2

Teaching Placement 2

a 20-day block in Semester One

a 25-day block in Semester Two

a 20-day internship in Semester Two

6–31 May 2019

22 July to 23 August 2019

26 August to 20 September 2019