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We rely solely on the generosity of our donors to run this free program which has helped hundreds of refugees establish a life in Australia.

About the program

Refugees often arrive in Australia with nothing - including no friends, family or the language skills they need to find work and accommodation. The Refugee Language Program helps refugees learn English and build social networks in the Australian community they now call home.

Making refugees job-ready is a major focus of the program, and the English classes are a stepping stone to building friendships and networks.

A fulfilling life is what the Refugee Language Program wants for every one of the vulnerable but determined refugees who join up in search of help. The program receives no government or other assistance. It relies fully on the generosity of people like you. 

For many refugees, the program gives them their first sense of stability and progress since fleeing their home countries. 

Rahim can now pursue his dream of studying

You can help refugees like Rahim to study.

It was a struggle for Rahim to reach Australia, but perhaps his greatest challenge appeared soon after he arrived. Though he dreamed of attending an Australian university, Rahim wasn’t fluent enough in English to be admitted.

That meant he had to pass the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam, which also cost him money. Rahim worked hard, and tried more than once, but he couldn’t pass the test. That changed when he contacted the Refugee Language Program at the University of Sydney.

“They found the right support for me,” Rahim says. “It was only because of that special assistance that I can now apply for university. I am so thankful for the donors who give to this program."

How to donate

Help make a difference to the life of someone less fortunate. Please know that 100% of what you give will go to the Refugee Language Program. Every dollar is spent carefully to bring maximum benefit to refugees working to improve their English.

There are various ways you can support the Refugee Language Program:

  1. If you'd like to give online, you can make a one-off online donation and simply select "Refugee Language Program".
  2. Otherwise, you can leave a bequest in your will, make a one-off or regular donation, or donate in honour or memory of someone
  3. We can work with you to find the best fit for your donation. Please contact us if you'd like more information on giving to the University.



It was only because of that special assistance that I can now apply for university. I am so thankful for the donors who give to this program.
Rahim, student, Refugee Language Program

How your donation can change lives