Impact of giving

Giving today. Changing tomorrow.
Each and every gift to the University of Sydney has an impact, no matter the size. Together, we’ve achieved amazing things. Here are just some of the stories of impact, which will take you on a journey across our campuses – and beyond – to witness what has been made possible through philanthropy.

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07 December 2023

Engineered for success

Study is never easy. Young people from the country also face the difficulties of moving to the city, where life is more expensive. Ellen Ash wanted to make that journey easier.
19 September 2023

A travelling legacy: Charles Badham's pursuit of equitable education

When Reverend Charles Badham joined the University of Sydney in 1867, he travelled throughout the colonies calling for donors to support bursaries. More than 150 years later, his dedication has established a tradition of giving that continues today.
11 August 2023

Gold in Paris, antibiotic resistance and the start of a science career

An accommodation scholarship to the University of Sydney gave Kawana Crowe, a proud Wiradjuri woman from Macksville, the security she needed to pursue her science dreams.
07 August 2023

Kicking goals: Clare Wheeler on football and the future

A scholarship helped support Clare Wheeler's move to Sydney to pursue a degree while building her professional football career. Now, her desire to push herself beyond her comfort zone has taken her around the world.
07 August 2023

Finding reconstructive solutions

They house the parts we need to see, hear, eat and breathe. Our heads and necks are machines for living but also subject to cancers that can destroy it all. New technology has changed all that.