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Impact of giving

Giving today. Changing tomorrow.

Each and every gift to the University of Sydney has an impact, no matter the size. Together, we’ve achieved amazing things. Here are just some of the stories of impact our donors are having on students, research and the world.

Latest impact stories

03 September 2021

Cancer treatment: where DNA, stem cells and cell immortality meet

All cancers begin as a particular cellular mishap involving DNA. Researchers are working on treatments for all of them. But what if there was a way to prevent that original and universal cellular mishap from happening at all?

26 July 2021

Over 150 computers donated for Aboriginal children’s home learning

It's hard enough for school students to learn from home during Greater Sydney's ongoing lockdown. But what if you don't even have a computer? A University staff member has organised a donation drive to rectify this issue for Aboriginal children in need.
17 July 2021

Donation from Penelope Seidler creates Visual Understanding Initiative

A generous gift will improve students' visual literacy and help researchers understand how images shape the world.
02 June 2021

They saved a dog's life by donating

After a shocking cancer diagnosis, Tom's dog Barney needed highly specialised surgery. With donor support, the University Veterinary Teaching Hospital stepped in to save him.
26 February 2021

Sydney opens state-of-the-art Susan Wakil Health Building

The Susan Wakil Health Building, a world-class facility purpose built to support the future health workforce and meet the health challenges of our time, was opened today.
24 November 2020

David Anstice continues support for Sydney, funding MBA scholarships

Eight years after establishing a scholarship for students in the MBA program, David Anstice has generously extended scholarships for emerging leaders from the not-for-profit sector for a further five years.
17 November 2020

Seeing the full picture

Sharing his exceptional artworks with the University isn't just an act of generosity for Kenneth Reed. It's a way to help more people find beauty and power in the arts. The Chau Chak Wing Museum will be an ideal place to connect.
17 November 2020

Cadwalladers build enduring philanthropic partnership with the University

Sandra and Peter Cadwallader have fostered a strong philanthropic relationship with the University, making a number of donations to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and communities.
12 November 2020

$2.82m donation brings new hope to those with chronic pain

A generous donation to the University of Sydney will enable research that could result in drug discovery, digital interventions and support for people with chronic pain - Australia's third most costly health condition.

05 November 2020

A lasting legacy for young composers

Soprano turned composition student, Jane Sheldon, is finding a new voice with the help of a star mentor and donor-funded program.