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Giving today. Changing tomorrow.
Each and every gift to the University of Sydney has an impact, no matter the size. Together, we’ve achieved amazing things. Here are just some of the stories of impact, which will take you on a journey across our campuses – and beyond – to witness what has been made possible through philanthropy.

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27 July 2022

$3.5m donation ensures the future of Tibetan Buddhist studies in Australia

Khyentse Foundation's $3.5m gift guarantees the future of Tibetan Buddhist studies at the University, including teaching, research and community outreach.
01 June 2022

Charles Badham: a champion of accessible education

Some of our most enduring lessons as a university come from those who served us during our founding years. Their steadfast dedication and vision continue to guide us as a university for all.

03 May 2022

New arrivals welcomed through Refugee Language Program

Volunteer teachers and tutors are working with recently arrived refugees to build English language skills and settle into Australia through the University of Sydney's Refugee Language Program.

03 May 2022

Showing up for others, thanks to supporters

Student bursaries remain a critical lifeline for students in desperate need of financial support. For Tim Bishop, they have enabled him to focus on realising his career aspiration as a linguist whilst raising a young family.
16 March 2022

Australia's sustainable transport future gets $7.9 million boost

Neil Smith, an internationally successful transport business owner, envisions a green transport future for Australia and is donating $7.9m to the University to help make that a reality.