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Discover our global engagement events
Our events bring together universities, research institutes, industry and communities to address issues of significance around the world.

SDG Global Research Seminars

The University of Sydney's SGD Global Research Seminars will focus on the Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs), as endorsed by all UN member states in 2015. They provide an opportunity to take the lead on issues that are of vital importance to everyone on the planet. 

The seminars will first focus on SDG 2 Zero Hunger – end hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture and SDG 11 Sustainable Cities and Communities – make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient, and sustainable. 

The seminars will serve as a catalyst for collaborative research projects addressing various challenges associated with the SDGs. Participants are encouraged to make connections, create networks, identify areas of compatibility and alignment and develop collaborative projects. 

Upcoming seminars

Partnership for global hunger event

Partnership for Zero Hunger and Response to Climate Change

Tuesday 24 May, 2pm - 5.15pm AEST

The second event in the SDG Global Research series will explore collaborations to tackle food security and climate change and promote sustainable agriculture.

Representatives from the University of Sydney's Sydney Institute of Agriculture and the State Key Laboratory of Agrobiotechnology at the Chinese University of Hong Kong will discuss topics such as crop genomics, sustainable legume production and application, emerging technologies in agriculture, environmental research and soil resilience.  Possible funding opportunities will be explored to support potential collaborations.


Past seminars

Asia-Pacific Carbon Neutrality Symposium

Monday 11 April, 3-5.10pm and Tuesday 12 April, 1.30-4.15pm 

This two-day symposium included robust discussions on Carbon Capture, Utilization and Sequestration, Sustainable Energy, and Sustainable City and Construction. The symposium will brought together the University of Sydney with our three top universities in the Asia-Pacific region - Zhejiang University, National University of Singapore and the Indian Institute of Technology Madras.