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Our community

Creating connections and fostering relationships

The Sydney Knowledge Hub is a coworking space and supportive community for innovation startups, SMEs, and nonprofits seeking to collaborate with the researchers, students, and facilities at the University of Sydney.

The Sydney Knowledge Hub community is committed to supporting researchers on their industry engagement and commercialisation journey. Much of our work is done in collaboration with other parts of the University as well as our partners and associates from outside the University.

We are always on the lookout for motivated partners internally and externally to bring ideas that provide support for industry engagement and commercialisation to life.

We currently have 20+ organisations that use the Sydney Knowledge Hub as their primary place of work. Our members include industry partners that want to be physically closer to the researchers they work with, as well as staff and students in early stages of their IP-heavy startups.

The Research Portfolio

The Research Portfolio supports the University's research strengths and providing fertile ground for innovation. The research portfolio also provides ongoing planning and research support, including help with grants, applications, scholarships and funding. It also oversees our research centres, major facilities and commercial development and industry partnerships.

The Innovation Hub

The Innovation Hub supports entrepreneurship and innovation at The University of Sydney by providing opportunities for all students to learn about innovative processes and gain critical thinking and design skills required for thriving in the future workforce.

Through online and in-person events, the Innovation Hub provides students with the opportunity to connect with a diverse, like-minded community, skilled in creative thinking and innovation.

University faculties and schools

Across our faculties and schools, we have research teams working on creating cleaner fuels, faster internet, treatment for chronic illness, and more sustainable ways of living. We work closely with the faculty research enterprise teams to deliver support and events that will empower our community to bring their ideas to life.

Some of the networks and organisations we collaborate with:
  • New South Wales Smart Sensing Network: The University of Sydney is a member of the NSW Smart Sensing Network. We have been partnering with NSSN for events
  • NSW Circular: Partnering on events such the Australia Circular Economy Conference
  • NSW Government: Working with the NSW Government to support the development of solutions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond.
  • City of Sydney: Partnering on events such the Visiting Entrepreneur Program
  • Sydney Quantum Academy: The University of Sydney is a member of Sydney Quantum Academy bringing together the actors of the quantum economy in New South Wales.
  • Cicada Innovation: Australia’s largest deep tech incubator - identifying pressing challenges and opportunities that require deep expertise and highly innovative thinking.
  • Catalyst: Supporting the pre-accelerator program run by Catalyst for high-performing refugees and migrant entrepreneurs.
  • Uniseed and IP Group: Investment partners of the University of Sydney supporting the commercialisation of research entrepreneurs through funding and advice.

Meet the team

The Sydney Knowledge Hub's core staff team manage all communications with our membership community and day-to-day functions of the coworking space, as well as curate an ongoing program of events and activities to support researchers and members on their industry engagement and commercialisation journey.

Much of our work is done in collaboration with other parts of the University including the Research Portfolio, the Innovation Hub, faculties and schools.

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Rupal Ismin


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