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21 April 2017

Meet Brad Miles, CoFounder and CTO of 360 Knee Systems

Dr Brad Miles has come a long way since graduating in 2003 as one of just 12 biomedical engineering students at the University of Sydney.  

20 April 2017

Students get a foot in the door at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab

Getting the chance to work at NASA’s famous Jet Propulsion Lab (JPL), where the Mars Rovers were built, is the stuff dreams are made of. But for two Aeronautical Engineering students it’s a dream come true. 

12 April 2017

Early pioneer of computer science wins prestigious award

There are two sides to the work of Emeritus Professor Vaughan Pratt: the pioneering mathematical theorist and thought-leader and the problem solver tackling everything from self-driving cars to climate change.

06 April 2017

Engineering technology to help prevent concussion in sport

A biomedical engineering team from the University of Sydney's Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology is developing new technologies to aid medical research into concussion in sport.

04 April 2017

5 minutes with Mick Johnson

As a successful technology entrepreneur, Mick Johnson now leads a startup spanning Sydney and San Francisco's Silicon Valley in tackling one of the hardest problems in natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

29 March 2017

Fostering entrepreneurship beyond the lecture hall

When you're a 17-year-old with a passion to change the world, it's not just about choosing the right degree at the best university, it's about the possibilities offered beyond the lecture hall.

28 March 2017

Soft skills round out computing career opportunities

Computing professionals need to be good communicators, working effectively with their clients and teams to create business solutions. Are today's students graduating with these highly-valued business skills and hands-on experience?

20 March 2017

Welcoming the female leaders of tomorrow

More women than ever are choosing to study engineering and computing undergraduate degrees at the University of Sydney.

16 March 2017

From landing on a comet to landing on campus

Meet Warwick Holmes, the man who helped to launch and land the Rosetta spacecraft on a comet 6 billion kilometres away; the most complex space mission since the Moon landing.

09 March 2017

Alumna star shines brightly with industry honour

Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies alumna Christine Chen has been identified as a rising star of the technology industry.