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10 August 2017

Students learn to engineer humanitarian solutions

Developing community-appropriate designs for water, sanitation, cyclone preparedness, aquaculture and agriculture were some of the outcomes achieved by our engineering students during their recent fieldwork trip to Samoa.

09 August 2017

High-achieving Cambodian student chooses Mechatronics at Sydney

Porsiem Tang hopes to forge a career in technical innovation and creation through our Bachelor of Engineering Honours (Mechatronic).

07 August 2017

Structural engineers recognised for ongoing contributions

Outstanding ongoing contributions to the field of structural engineering have seen two academics from the School of Civil Engineering recognised by their peers with prestigious awards.

04 August 2017

The secrets of citrus in cancer prevention

Australia wastes thousands of tonnes of orange peels each year, but our researchers are exploring ways to repurpose citrus peel into a supplement for cancer prevention.

03 August 2017

Design Computing graduates win award for second year running

The 23rd AMY Awards are the longest running and most celebrated awards in Australia’s digital industry.

03 August 2017

What does a chemical engineer do?

From large-scale infrastructure projects to small tech startups, the opportunities for chemical and biomolecular engineering graduates are vast. Find out what some of our alumni are doing today.

01 August 2017

The industry placement program that offers the world

Each year we send our top students in engineering across the globe to put their skills to the test on real projects as part of the Engineering Sydney Industry Placement Scholarship.