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Why the Dalyell Program is no ordinary engineering and IT degree

20 November 2017
Accelerate your career and make a difference

In 2018, the Dalyell Scholars Program will replace the University of Sydney’s Advanced Engineering program for exceptional students, offering greater opportunities to excel and new challenges to conquer.

What is the Dalyell scholars program?

The Dalyell Scholars Program takes your degree beyond the classroom and prepares you to solve real-world challenges. The program is designed to equip you with those highly-valued skills by enriching your learning experience with leadership training, travel opportunities and mentoring from academics and experienced engineers. Through these experiences you’ll develop professional skills such as communication, teamwork and project management, enhancing your employability prospects and embarking you on a promising career in engineering or computing.

Which challenge are you up for?

Exclusive to high achieving students (ATAR of 98+), the Dalyell Scholars Program affords you the unique opportunity to work with and learn from high calibre peers. Dalyell scholars will work on a team-based project to address a major real-world challenge, such as:

  • designing and constructing an environment which is resilient to natural disasters
  • developing an effective approach to the mitigation of climate change
  • taking your transformative ideas to the market by setting up your own company
  • applying your skills and energy to improve the quality of life in developing countries, or for the disadvantaged in our own country.

What are the benefits?

In addition to the enhanced learning experience, the Dalyell Scholars Program offers several exclusive benefits.

  • Finish at the same time. The Dalyell Scholars program won’t add any time to your degree.
  • Eligibility for the Leadership Scholarship.
  • Access to exclusive units of study for high-calibre students.
  • Acceleration to master's level study.
  • Tailored mentoring and professional skill development to enhance your study and career opportunities.
  • International experiences to develop your global perspectives, including a global mobility scholarship.

Am I eligible?

The Dalyell Scholars Program is exclusive to students with exceptional academic ability. The program is open to domestic and international students with an ATAR (or equivalent of) 98+. The program can be taken in conjunction with with any Engineering, Advanced Computing or Project Management degree:

If you plan on studying any of these courses, the Dalyell scholarship is great option to enhance your studies in these areas.

Kane Sayer

Kane Sayer
2nd year program participant
“Whilst challenging, this course has been the most rewarding learning experience I’ve ever had in engineering so far. After all, it takes pressure to make diamonds.”