30 July 2021

Students hack for humanitarian good

Each year, The Warren Centre’s Professor Ron Johnston Humanitarian Innovation Awards encourage and reward students to engineer innovative cutting-edge solutions that have a positive impact for people around the world.

30 July 2021

Social distancing up but still inadequate to control outbreak

University of Sydney model released today finds if even 40 percent of the Greater Sydney population is vaccinated by mid-September, a stricter lockdown must continue until then.
22 July 2021

Lift off! Space projects soar with new funding

The three separate grants have been jointly awarded to Faculty of Engineering researchers and partner organisations to develop and manufacture aerospace infrastructure.
20 July 2021

Touchscreen alternative allays fear of world indium shortage

Indium is used to manufacture touchscreens and other smart devices, but there is no guaranteed, long-term supply of this scarce substance. A new plasma technology may be the answer, writes Dr Behnam Akhavan.
20 July 2021

Plasma tech could replace one of world's rarest materials

New plasma coating technology could see the phase-out of rare earth metal indium that is used in smartphone glass and dimmable windows, which is predicted to run out in 10 years.
15 July 2021

Far more social distancing needed to control Sydney outbreak

For Sydney to see a sufficient drop in COVID-19 case numbers after one month, social distancing must be observed by over 80 percent of people, a model published today by Professor Mikhail Prokopenko reveals.
14 July 2021

Defence awards engineers $2m extension funding

Thanks to $2million in funding awarded by the Department of Defence, Sydney researchers will co-lead a truly global R&D collaboration, involving nine universities, on frontier materials science challenges in advanced manufacturing.
10 July 2021

Fancy footwork, butting heads: 5 experts talk UEFA

On Monday morning, the UEFA Euro 2020 will see soccer heavyweights, England and Italy, go head-to-head with hundreds of millions tuning in. Experts discuss the grand final, sports science and soccer's role in culture and society.
07 July 2021

NSW Smart Sensing Network celebrates its fifth anniversary

Backed by the NSW Government, the NSW Smart Sensing Network brings together academia, industry and government to translate world-class smart-sensing research into compelling solutions. It is jointly led by Sydney Nano Director Professor Ben Eggleton.
06 July 2021

How 300 engineering students across the world designed sustainable cities

Harnessing a year of learnings on remote teaching, the Faculty of Engineering successfully brought together 300 students to collaborate in a hybrid learning environment to learn about sustainable engineering practices.