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Research and industry engagement

Leading structural engineering research

We have a long tradition of working with industry partners on research projects, the development of new products, and in transferring our research into design guidelines to enable the use of new technologies.


Our expert: Professor Gianluca Ranzi

Our industry partners: Arup, Stramit Building Products

The centre collaborated with Stramit Building Products and Arup in advancing the fundamental knowledge of the behaviour of combining composite construction with post-tensioning techniques. Currently post-tensioned composite floors represent one of the most common forms of construction adopted in the Australian building industry.

Key achievements of this project include: the development of a new theoretical model to accurately predict the response of post-tensioned composite floors; the collection of accurate experimental data under controlled laboratory conditions, vital for benchmarking analytical and numerical models; and the development of clear and general design guidelines. The successful outcomes of this work have been included in the Australian composite design code expected to be published at the end of 2017. 

Our expert: Professor Kim Rasmussen

Our industry partner: Dematic Pty Ltd

The centre collaborates with Dematic to study the seismic behaviour of drive-in steel storage racks through component and full-scale subassembly dynamic tests and non-linear dynamic analysis. The project has established practical seismic design methodologies and developed innovative fuse-members and energy dissipation devices to improve the seismic performance of drive-in racks.

The project outcomes will improve worker safety in industries and warehouses featuring drive-in racks; reduce owners’ potential liability; and reduce the costs associated with earthquake-induced structural damage, notably the value of stored goods, the cost of replacing the structural frame and the cost of disruption to normal operations.

Our expert: Dr Mohanad Mursi

Our industry partners: Leighton Contractors, Baulderstone Hornibrook Bilfinger Berger Joint Venture (LBBJV)

Our centre experts were involved in this large-scale infrastructure project (overall value $2 billion) to investigate the behaviour of the structural hanger system above the roadway in the tunnel under various serviceability conditions.  

The hanger system that supports the top part of the tunnel undergoes certain changes at various serviceability conditions, therefore a comprehensive testing program was established to encompass the behaviours of various configurations, including an elevated temperature regime defined to represent fire events.

Key achievements of this project included: defining and conducting the testing program to confirm suitability of the structural hanger system as designed; verifying design parameters; successfully performing the work and adhering to overall construction deadlines; meeting the forecasted budget allocation; and confirming a safe performance during the service time of the tunnel. 

“Arup’s collaboration with CASE on post-tensioned composite floors led to useful insights into the serviceability and ultimate strength behaviours of this popular form of construction. CASE managed and executed the research efficiently and effectively, and disseminated the results widely. Arup would be pleased to collaborate again with the CASE research team on suitable future projects.”
Peter Macdonald, Principal, Arup
“Dematic has had a strong association with CASE, having undertaken many commercial testing and research projects on storage racking over the years. The current ARC Linkage project on seismic behaviour of drive-in steel storage racks facilitated the development of a state-of-the-art shaking table to test Dematic drive-in racks under simulated earthquake conditions. The outcomes of the physical tests and the associated theoretical research have provided Dematic with an enhanced understanding of racking behaviour under seismic loads and improved guidance for practical design. We look forward to future research collaborations with the centre.”
Murray Clarke, Structural Design Manager, Dematic